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SD BELI ZAJEC now takes care of staff courses, training of professional staff in the field of winter sports, administrative professional matters such as the Blue Card, diplomas, mentorships, staff competitions ZUTS… and basically provides its members with all necessary support in obtaining and renewing licenses. The society currently has just over 100 members. The number, however, changes from week to week. Most members are professional ski staff.

Under the BELI ZAJEC brand, there is also the best ski school Golte – Beli zajec at the middle Slovenian ski resort Golte. It has up to 10 to 20 ski instructors, who have been forming the core for 12 years. We teach all days of operation of the ski resort according to all the latest trends and guidelines of ZUTS Slovenia and the association of professional ski schools, of which our ski school has been a member from the very beginning.

We are best known for a very direct individual approach that allows for very fast learning and advancement in technique. We also teach in groups during the holidays or, if necessary, we carry out outdoor schools, a kindergarten on the snow… etc.

In the hotel on the ski slope we have our own premises and in them SKI SCHOOL, SKI SERVICE, EQUIPMENT RENTAL, SHOP.

You are invited to Golte to make sure of our quality, approach, knowledge of professionalism and social note.